Data Migration Box

for cloud - local

data migration and synchronization

Integrated tool that all you need for managing the data

stored in all the cloud and on-premise network storages

How We Excel

  1. Ease of use = Internet Explorer like UI.  No coding necessary.
  2. Secure & efficient = Not Web based.
  3. Powerful & flexible = Many ways to sync. Supports Commandline to customize to your needs.
  4. Superb cost-performance = No use dependent charge.  Reasonablly priced software license fee only.

Why Choose Us
  1. Solid track records = The tool of choice of Box users and thousands of corporate users.
  2. Very professional = No BS.  Let us help you get the job done reliablly and efficiently.   

What we offer

Integrated powerful data migration and synchronization tool

Data Migration Box license is annual subscription:

Standard version is $2,000 and Basic version is $600 per year.

You install DMB in your server which you use for data migration and synchronization. 

Then follow DMB GUI to set up your accounts, drives, sync methods, etc.

You can schedule automatic migration and synchronization in a way and at times you choose.

A wide range of options to granually control schedule, network bandwidth, log, etc.