Product Summary

Data Migration Box (DMB) was developed with a sole purpose of achieving efficient data migration and synchronization among on-premise and many cloud data storages, optimized in particular for Box.
DMB offers easy to use, secure, efficient, flexible and superb cost / performance solution to anyone who needs migrate and synchronize data among on-premise and cloud storages.

Ease of Use:

DMB is to be installed in a PC, which transfers data among on-premise and clouds. No coding nor special configuration is necessary.

DMB has Windows Internet Explorer like user interface which everyone is familiar with. Detailed log reports verify migration and sync operations, and generate a summary report of operation results for easy review.

DMB supports over 20 clouds and supports collaborators management, sharing files, locking files, metadata, etc. All the data stored among on-premise and various clouds can be accessed, managed and synchronized from one Internet Explorer-like DMB GUI.

Secure and efficient:

Unlike many other web-based migration tools, DMB transfers data directly from a user's local network to the cloud server without using any intermediary servers. To migrate between clouds, the PC executing DMB establishes a bridge between the clouds. No data is uploaded to other servers and the data is always kept private. DMB further has an option to encrypt data before upload.

These features enable fast and secure data migration.


DMB Scheduler enables a user to automate data migration and synchronization in many different ways, including differential mirror, two-way differential updates, etc. DMB supports Command line, which allows a user to create customized scripts to migrate, copy, backup or synchronize data in various ways of their choice.

Superb cost performance:

Unlike many other data migration tools / services, DMB does not charge per GB migrated and/or per number of cloud users. DMB users pay only DMB software license and they can migrate or synchronize unlimited data with unlimited cloud users.


If you are to start using Box, DMB is the first tool you need for data migration.
After data is migrated to Box, DMB help you keep data synchronized and manage various data storages.

DMB has been a tool of a choice for many Box users with data ranging from Petabytes to Gigabytes.