Data Migration Box was developed with a sole focus on data migration and synchronization among on-premise and cloud storages.  DMB was initially released in Japan and within a year of release, DMB has become the tool of choice of Box users.

Shortly after the DMB release, nearly 1,000 companies in a broad range of industries, from steel, chemical and automobile manufacturing to media, education, construction, etc., have become DMB users; they successfully migrated their data to Box and other clouds, and been synchronizing data stored in local network and various cloud storages using DMB.

DMB users' data vlolume ranges from 1 terabytes to 1 petabytes.

DMB users' data characteristics vary widely.  Broadcaters have large video files.  Publishers update data constantly.  Universities have frequent changes in users due to in and out of reserachers.  Multinational manufactureres use various clouds to optimize for each plant's local environments.  DMB's flexibility has met such broad range of user requirements.

DMB's superb cost performance, especially low fixed license prices and no volume or user number dependent charges, has freed users from worries about data management costs. 

DMB's easy to use UI and comandline supports have satisfied both non-technical users and IT professionals.  Detailed log reports have assured those responsible for data management of data integrity.

Having established solid track records in Japan, we are now releasing DMB English version to the world.  

We hope and encourage cloud users or those planning cloud migration to try out DMB and join the happy DMB user group.  Please contact us from the contact form.  We are certain that you will be amazed and satisfied by DMB.

Data Migration Box Team