Product License

One year from the installation date, a DMB license will expire and DMB will no longer work.

When you have received a renewal request from us, please inform us of your plan for renewal of DMB licenses.

Two (2) month prior to the expiration date, we will notify expiration date and request renewal.

We will notify users when update / new versions are available.

Please contact us from Contact Form.

Certainly Systems Integrators can use DMB, provided each client purchases DMB licenses.

De-activation of a DMB license is not allowed. In a case of PC failure or upgrade, etc., please contact us.

DMB user license is limited to one PC (=device), and the license cannot be transferred to different devices. In a case of a trouble or device failure, please contact us.

DMB license activation key is linked to the login account of the migratoin server in which you have installed DMB.

The DMB license cannot be transferred to another device. DMB license is 1 account per 1pc. However, please contact us if DMB is no longer usable due to PC failure, etc.

One DMB licenses is required for each migration server to be installed. And thus, you need the same number of DMB licenses as that of your servers to be used for data migration and synchronization.

Please refer to the comparison table, and select the most suitable version depending on your data volume.

Please contact us from Contact US form.

Please refer to the Std x Bsc comparison table.

DMB license is annual subscription; Standard version is $2,000 and Basic version is $600 per year.

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